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Who is CrossFit For?

Wednesday 4.1.15

Movement Tip #9 Burpee-

Fran is arguably the most famous CrossFit workout. Regardless of your ability level it will leave you cursing her name the rest of the day.

Check out the video below where Jack Destroys it in 2:34




Today's Workout

For Time:
Thrusters 95/65

Tuesday 3.31.15

Member of the Month – April

Sean Curry celebrated his 4 year Craicaversary with us this past weekend. I might be wrong but I believe his the first person to be awarded Member of the Month for the second time!

Sean is a testimony to what can be accomplished through consistency over time.


What made you join CRAIC and how did you first hear about us?

I saw Craic while driving thru Dedham Square one day. I saw the sign outside and saw people doing these crazy workouts inside and thought I had to check it out!

What was your first workout with us?

I wish I kept better notes then. All I have written down is Monday 3/28/11 run 400 m 10 squats @65lbs and 20 pull-ups and it took me 16:05 to do it!

What habits have you adopted since joining CRAIC that you feel have lead to your success?

The main habit I adopted since joining Craic is the Paleo Diet. I feel like there is a direct correlation between the diet and how it affects my workouts. I also gave up soda completely and only drink one cup of coffee a day black of course!

Do you polish your abs regularly?

Yes I polish my abs once a day.

Is there any situation you’ve had to deal with in your everyday life that made you grateful for your results?

Im grateful for my results because I feel more confident in everyday situations. Plus at work Im not winded going up a flight of stairs like most of my coworkers.

My proudest accomplishment/s in training so far is/are:

Being able to do most workouts RX. I’m always making PR’s and just this week I finally was able to string together 4 kipping hand stands pushups unbroken.

Some current training goals are:

Getting better at over head squats and learning butterfly pull-ups.

This month’s question? Where in the world would you love to visit and why?

I would love to visit Itlay. I hear its beautiful there and food is outstanding! Plus its very warm there!

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting with us? How can they make the most of their time while at Craic?

My advice for new people is to take their time and learn the movements, especially Olympic lifts. Don’t worry about being embarrassed or frustrated you’ll be lifting heavy in no time.

They can make the most of their time at Craic by showing up! You won’t get results by not showing up.



Today's Workout

A) Power Cleans
(Build to a heavy TRIPLE)
B) “Whiplash”
:50- 20 Double Unders (1pt)
:50- Max Effort Power Cleans 75/45 (1pt)
:50- 20 Double Unders
:50- Max Effort Power Cleans 95/65 (2pts)
:50- 20 Double Unders
:50- Max Effort Power Cleans 135/95 (3pts)
Score = Total Points

Monday 3.30.15

Whats the Craic in April ?

Nothing too crazy happening this month. The days are getting longer and the weather is gradually starting to improve.

Summer is coming!

Schedule Changes - Please check the Schedule page for our up to date schedule.

Kettlebell Class is back – Sundays at 8am.


This coming weekend Wood will be closed Friday to  Sunday. 

I posted previously that it was just the evening classes that will be canceled but the camp we are hosting is running 9am-5pm all 3 days. 

The weekend schedule will operate under the normal hours but in Dedham. 

Kettlebell class is back for a couple of months starting this week! Rita will be in Dedham Sunday morning to kick things off at 8am. 





Today's Workout

A) Split Jerk
(Build to heavy SINGLE)

B) Every 7mins x3
3 Rounds
5-Chest to Bar Pullups
10-Pistols - alternating
15-Shoulder 2 Overhead 95/65

Saturday 3.28.15 & Sunday 3.29.15




Today's Workout

Open Workout 15.5
Row for calories
Thrusters 95/65

Friday 3.27.15

IMG_2819Scott at the St. Paddy’s Day Comp



Today's Workout

A1) Run 400m
Rest 2:00
A2) Row 500m
Rest 2:00
Score = Last Run / Last Row