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Tuesday 3.3.15

Tips for Macro Measurers

             By Sara C.

I had a bunch of trouble transitioning to measuring macros, as opposed to the No Bread/Paleo eating style that I was used to.  Here are some of the things that helped me, maybe they can help you too.

Count everything!

Make sure you’re counting everything you eat, even things like oils or butter you may cook with or dressings on your salads.  The way to make this eating structure work for you is to be as accurate as possible with hitting your numbers.

Plan ahead.

If you know you’re going out for dinner or drinks, look at the menu ahead of time, pick something you’d like to have, and plug the meal and beverages into your app as soon as you can and plan the rest of your day around that.  Make it fit!

Prepping meals, lunches, and snacks ahead of time saves you a lot of thinking when you’re hungry!  Try to make time at least once a week to prep.  If you want, you can even plug in meals days ahead of time into your app.

Go easy on the treats.

One of the biggest perks of this plan is that you can have a guilt-free treat every now and again.  Just be careful not to have too many, as they still, probably, have lots of sugars, and are not as filling as “real” food.

Don’t let yourself get frustrated. Enjoy the learning process!

This can be hard to figure out at first.  Try to be a little bit flexible in the sense that you might have to branch out from foods you “typically” eat.

Know  what you can eat to fill your macros if you’re having trouble reaching any:

Are you low on carbs?

Add in a carb side with meals… like rice, more veggies, sweet potatoes, etc

Choose fruits as snacks during the day

Add a carb to breakfast, in addition to a protein, like fruit or oatmeal

Are you low on protein?

Try to have bigger meat portions with meals

Meat snacks are delicious and filling.  Try quality deli meat, beef jerky, tuna or things like that.

Have some with protein (greek yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.)

Are you low on fats?

Nuts or peanut/almond butter can help.  Just be careful with measurements because many of these have protein and/or carbs too!

Bacon!  Always amazing, always high in fats!

The yolk of eggs have plenty of fats; keep in mind these will have protein too!

Equally, if you’re over on any of your macros, consider this list and think about ways you might be able to tweak your day to make your numbers work.

For example, maybe you’re high on fats.  So, instead of having three eggs, you have one with one cup of egg whites.

Or, for example, maybe you’re high on proteins.  Have you been having protein shakes after your workouts?  Maybe only have a half a scoop instead of a whole one.


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Today's Workout

4 Rounds EFT
250m- Rowing
~Rest 3:00

Monday 3.2.15

Words from Sara:

Every week during the Opens this year, we’ll share an idea on the blog that may help you perform your best—and have a great time doing so—during the Open workouts. For Week 2, we want to talk about Being Prepared.
Let’s go all Boy Scouts on the Opens this year and Be Prepared. The following are some tips that a lot of us at Craic already use to get ready and get pumped forcompetition:
*A few days before:
-Visualize yourself doing the workout exactly as you want
-Get enough sleep
-Drink PLENTY of water
-Practice some of the workout movements beforehand
-Strategize the workout with coaches and fellow gym members
-Do “mock” run-throughs of the workout—doing it once at 75% effort or doing a shortened version of it—just to get a feel for the workout itself
*The night before:
-Visualize yourself doing the workout exactly as you want
-Plan your outfit (come on, we know even some of you guys love doing this!)
-Watch inspirational videos on YouTube (like clips from the CrossFit Games on CrossFit’s YouTube channel)
-Go out to dinner with some friends from the gym who will be doing the workout with you the next day
*The day of:
-Visualize yourself doing the workout exactly as you want
-Bring water and your post-workout food to the gym (protein and carbs) so you can refuel as soon as the workout is over
-WARM UP properly (think major joints—shoulders, hips, ankles)
-Get a little sweaty and get your heart rate elevated before the workout begins (so you’re not spending the first few minutes of your workout just trying to get your heart rate up…this is a big hole in performance for a lot of athletes, especially for short workouts under 10 minutes long)
-Take deep breaths…and high five/hug/fist bump as many people as possible. ;)



Today's Workout

A) Max Power Clean
B) For Time:
Cleans & Pullups
Sets 10-9-8 @95/65
Sets 7-6-5 @135/95
Sets 4-3-2-1@185/135
Sets 10-9-8 @Chin
Sets 7-6-5 @Chest
Sets 4-3-2-1@Muscleup
(15min Time Cap)

Whats Happening at CRAIC in March


Fundamentals Class is Open to People wanting to try a class for Free.

If you have any friends or family that would like to check us out they are welcome to come to one of our fundamentals classes for free. These classes are held every monday and Wednesday nights, 7:30pm at Wood. We just require 24hrs notice.


CrossFit Games Open 

Every Saturday morning the Open workout will be the programmed one for the whole gym.
We will run people through the workouts between 9am and 11am. Heats will be arranged as people arrive and the flow of the day will change week to week depending on how long the workouts are and what movements are involved. Those of you who came this past weekend will know how much fun it is and the environment is extremely inspiring.


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If you have not registered there is still time. You have until 8pm March 2nd to register and submit your score for workout one. With there being six different division including scaled, masters, and teens there is no excuse not to fork out the $20 and join in the fun.
This will run until March 27th

Changes to Competitors Class

Thursdays training session (5:30pm-7:30pm) is moved to Friday evening and Thursday will run as normal with CrossFit Classes at 4:30pm and 6pm.
Anyone wanting to do the Opens workouts twice is encouraged to come Friday evening even if you don’t normally come to the Competitors Classes. This gives you a chance to rest Saturday and retest the workouts on Sunday or Monday.

St Paddy’s Throwdown – March 14th 

We are hosting the above competition and have 102 competitors participating so it’s going to be a great day.
There will be no classes that day at either location – Changes to the schedule for the Open workouts will be announced that week. 
It’s going to be a big party as well as a competition so come by and hang out and have some drinks with us before, during, or after :)
We are still looking for volunteers to help out during the day. There’s a sign up sheet here. All help is much appreciated.

Remember to Sign into Classes on Arrival

As of Jan 1 we have check in kiosk’s at both locations. If you don’t know how to use the system ask a coach on your next visit.




Saturday 2.28.15 & Sunday 3.1.15

Kids class is on at 10 on Saturday in Norwood.




Today's Workout

Crossfit Open Workout 15.1
Workout 15.1
9-minute AMRAP:
15 toes-to-bars
10 deadlifts
5 snatches
(M 115 lb. / F 75 lb.)
Workout 15.1a
1-rep-max clean and jerk
6-minute time cap

Friday 2.27.15




Today's Workout

6 Rounds EFT
10ea-OH Lunges 45/25
Rest 2-3mins
Score = Round 1/3/6
*Goal is Negative Splits