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Who is CrossFit For?

NBC Honorable Mention #2

Last but certainly not least for our Honorable Mentions is Carleen Tucker.

Carleen’s journey with us began in October 2012. She came in feeling a little intimidated just like most of our new clients but quickly feel in love with everything we do at CRAIC.

The first Nutrition Challenge she participated in with us was NBC4 and this was her before picture.

Image 4

She went on to win NBC6 and said “After winning NBC6 I found myself stuck in a rut and not really seeing much more change after my initial success in that challenge.”

At the end of 2014 she was in a rut – complaining about her weight, and lack of progress in the gym. After asking herself some hard questions she realized that the reason she wasn’t seeing any progress was because she wasn’t putting in the necessary work.

In January 2015 Carleen decided to step up her game and try something new, moving away from our No Bread principles where we primarily focus on the quality of the food you eat, and moving into doing Macros where we focus on the quantity of the food you eat.

At first glance a lot of our clients think that doing Macros is easier than No Bread because it allows for you to have a little more freedom with the types of foods you can eat and still produce results BUT it is far from easy. EVERYTHING you eat must be weighed and measured to fit your goals, activity level, and current weight. This requires a tremendous amount of commitment, individualization, and is not to be taken lightly. We like to say it’s the RX of Nutrition.

Carleen started working with Coach Sara (SCD) who immediately determined she wasn’t eating enough (extremely common) to achieve what she wanted.

Carleen’s introduction to this new protocol was ‘shaky‘ as she puts it. She gained weight the first week and felt like she was eating more food than any person trying to lose fat should be but taking the two foundational pieces of advice from Sara 1-Be patient, trust the process and 2- Communicate your concerns and needs she was able to stay the course and started to really get the hang of things after about two and a half weeks.  Carleen says “Sara has been instrumental in this process, her commitment to my success has surpassed my expectations.”

Carleen is married to Coach Marc who helps her out with home workouts when she can’t make it into the gym , has 4 kids, and a full-time job working 45 hours a week managing a staff of 13 people. Her life is busy, as is everyones, but she doesn’t let any of it get in way of her accomplishing her goals. She makes it work.

Everyone has struggles on their path and hers were no different. Her journey has been filled with challenges, days where she thought it wasn’t working, and many other set backs but she stayed the course and kept pushing forward. Thats the huge difference maker between those who succeed and those who don’t.

Throughout NBC9 Calreen and fellow partner Inga Nelson – Team: Get It Right & Tight  inspired everyone around them with their teamwork and support of each other.

Carleen reported perfect workout and food scores, and PR’d during DT completing the workout RX.

Carleen now says that this way of eating has become a lifestyle for her v.s. it being a ‘diet’.

“I don’t feel boxed in by what I can eat; I enjoy the flexibility of eating what I want. It also allows for more normalcies within our family because we are all eating the same thing.  As far as measuring goes, I use measuring cups instead of serving spoons – ask anyone who has come to our house for dinner.  I do ask if you would like a ¼ c or a ½ c of rice and how many ounces of chicken you want.”

Even now Carleen says that she has even bigger goals in mind and has no intention of slowing down any time soon.

“154 Days Later, 23 pounds lighter, I have found what works for me.  Being fit and looking fit makes me HAPPY!”Image 7 image



July Member of the month

This months member of the month is Jay Condrick

Where you are originally from and where you live now?

Born in Quincy, grew up on the wrong side of rte 3 in Duxbury and now living in Norwood.

What month were you born:
52 Augusts ago. Leo.
What days/times you typically train at Craic.

I’m a morning person and was a fixture at the Dedham 6:30am until a job change messed up my mornings. I’m now a not as often as I’d like to be COD’er.

Anything else interesting you’d like to share about yourself (job, hobbies,family, etc.)  

I’ve got my own version of the Brady Bunch at home, 3 girls, 3 boys and a very lovely lady named Paula who keeps me grounded.

My proudest accomplishment/s in training so far is:
When I started at Craic I could do a few dead hang pullups and typically used bands to finish a workout, so learning to kip a pullup was pretty cool. Then one day I walked in and part A of our workout was 100 pullups with a 10 minute cap. Wtf?! I remember thinking there was no f’ing way I’d finish. But 9:58 later, I did it. My notebook entry was “Who cares what B was. I just did 100 pullups! “
Some current training goals are…
My goal is to keep showing up, do what the coaches tell me and watch what happens.
This month’s question: 
What do you feel is the most significant thing you have learned at CRAIC throughout your time with us?  
I’m proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. I’ve completely changed my diet and attitude towards food and that 1 “trick” has transformed so many parts of my life. Thank you. I’m proud to be a member of this community and look forward to what’s in store each time I walk through that door. See you in the morning. 



NBC 9 Honorable Mention #1

There were two people throughout the challenge that we believe deserve an honorable mention. The second will be announced later in the week.

Mark Connolly

Mark is one of the newer members at Craic but took on NBC9 head on!  He was one of the first people to praise himself during the first Mini Challenge!  That takes guts!  His energy was contagious!
When Mark first joined the gym he was a bit quiet and reserved, but now has come out of his shell and has shown everyone his wonderful personality.  He has fully immersed himself in the CRAIC lifestyle of working hard and playing hard!  He is now officially part of the COD crew!
Over the course of the challenge, Mark went from 163 pounds to 151.4, but has gained a significant amount of muscle and definition!
We are happy to have you in our community, Mark!  Keep putting in the work!  Congrats on the progress you’ve seen so far!



NBC9 Team Winners

The winners of the partner piece of No Bread Challenge 9 is Team Wicked Pissahs, Steve Mammone and Anthony DeMusis!!
-Steve and Anthony accumulated a whopping 730 points together.
-They participated in just about every challenge, and even had one of their workouts chosen as the winner of Mini Challenge 3!
-They had just about perfect scores for workout and food points each week.
-Both PR’d their max pullups over the course of the challenge!
-Steve also was able PR his DT time, finishing the workout for the first time ever RX, as well as his Front Squat!

Steve reported that he lost over 20 pounds during this challenge. He also said that after battling a recent injury, NBC9 allowed him to get back on track. Steve said that, for him, “The partner component to NBC9 was HUGE in my transformation. I picked one hell of a partner in Anthony.” The two set goals together and checked in to make sure they were both following what they set out to do. Steve said, “I finally feel I am back where I was 18- months ago. More importantly, I’m setting new goals to continue pushing myself further. Probably the most surprising result, one of the mini-challenges reconnected me with my guitar. Wow. Even though my playing is dissonant and noisy, I forgot how meditative it can be.”

This is what the partner aspect is all about! Nice work, Steve and Anthony! Congrats!







NBC 9 Individual Winner

Tonight we are announcing the Individual Winner of our recent No Bread Challenge. We will be announcing the Team Winners, and some honorable mentions over the coming days. 

The individual winner of No Bread Challenge IX is Jaclyn Collins!  She has been incredibly dedicated to hitting her macros throughout NBC9.  She reported PERFECT SCORES for workout and food days each week during the challenge.  Her and her partner Mel were also among the first ones to sign up for the Challenge; she was obviously determined from the start.
Jackie can consistently be counted on to be motivational to others, and always pushing fellow members to try their best.  Over recent months, Jackie has been even more dedicated to her own fitness progress.  She started personal training with Jarrod in January and has made some substantial gains since then.  Over the course of the challenge, Jackie PRed each of the workout tests!  She increased her hang from the bar from :22 to :36 seconds.  She bettered her DT time by over a minute!  And finally, she PRed her front squat with an impressive 220#! – video below

If you’ve seen Jackie lately, you can tell that she’s not only trimmed down quite a bit, but also has gained a lot of confidence.  This has been wonderful to see; keep up the good work Jackie!  Congratulations!