The Craic Methodology: Improving the quality of our clients lives through the implementation of Lifestyle, Nutritional, and Fitness practices.

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"John has been an incredible inspiration and trainer over the past 8 months and through our individual training sessions along with attending CrossFit classes my strength and fitness growth is off the charts!! I never imagined the strength that was possible in my own body. We often believe that we have certain limits in our ability to achieve greatness in fitness and health."
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What is Craic?

Craic is an Irish word that means “fun.” At Craic, we are focused on improving the quality or our clients' lives through lifestyle, nutrition and fitness practices. Our CrossFit program combines strength training, cardio, mobility and skill work which are all designed to meet your personal goals and give you the best results possible. We work with people at varying stages of life regardless of exercise history, ability level, or age. Every workout we do is 100% scalable and will be modified based on how long you have been training, your current ability level and what your goals are.
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Friday 10.24.14

Reminder that tomorrow night is the Craic Halloween party at Waterfords in Dedham. Come out it’s going to a great time!!



Katelyn krushin it



Today's Workout

Back Squats
A1)10-Back Squats (Same Weight)
A2)15-WTD Situps
A3)10-TEMPO KB Squats (5down/5up)
*Work on perfect mechanics
Rx:3 Working Sets Rest-4mins
Int:4 Working Sets Rest-3mins
Beg:5 Working Sets Rest-2mins

Thursday 10.23.14

Nutrition Basics No.3 -  Only eat carbs to support Activity Level  (Click here for Part 1 and Part 2
Oh you’re on that zero carb diet right? 
I hear the above all the time and I want to clear the air once and for all. We do not recommend any of you go on a diet. We advise people on making adjustments to their eating habits based on what they are trying to accomplish. Do you want to lose weight?, gain muscle?, perform better?, or just look better?
People sometimes laugh when I ask them the above and say ‘all of them’. You may be able to do all of them to some degree but there will be an order of priority and that is going to dictate how you approach things in the kitchen. 
In our previous posts (Protein, Hydration) we gave a simple prescription based on BW (bodyweight). With Carbs things are a little different. 
In general the media recommends that the Average American consumes far more carbs a day than you typically need. Understanding that your carb intake is a very individual thing is the first step.
There are two main things we are going to look at when trying to figure out how much carbs to eat daily. 
1: What is your current activity level?
How many hours per week are you in the gym, or playing sports where you are exerting yourself physically?
If you workout 5 times per week for an hour then what you body needs for fuel will be drastically different than if you trained 5 times a week for 2 hours. 
2: What is your primary goal?
When selecting the type of carbs to eat think of your goal as being on a continuum from Spinach to sweet potatoes
Spinach ————–> Sweet potatoes 
In the middle we move through broccoli, Brussels sprouts, leading all the way up to squash and sweet potatoes. If you are trying to lose weight/fat try and keep your intake mainly to foods on the left, and if you are trying to maintain/gain select foods from the right.



Today's Workout

Every 8mins
40-Double Unders
20-KB Swings
-For Time
Int:Scaled # of DUs 53/44
Beg:40 Singles 35/26

Wednesday 10.22.14

I read this article about dieting and i really liked this blurb:

The saying “you can’t outrun a doughnut” has been around forever, and is completely true. At a certain point it might be possible, such as with Froning or with the amount of training Michael Phelps was doing when he won his record medal haul in Beijing. But most of us don’t have the ability to train for six hours a day in order to justify our doughnut eating.

That means we need to pay more attention to our diet. And sorry to say it, but the mature athletes (those over 35) need to pay even more attention than everyone else. As the body slows down and hormone levels change, you can’t get away with what you could in your twenties.

The secret to success in the gym, regardless of whether your goal is muscle gain or getting ripped will always come down to diet. Make your eating habits every bit as hardcore as your training and the elusive results you’re after will finally come.”  -Breaking Muscle

You can’t out train a diet unless you’re not willing to work out 6+ hours a day. Eat healthy, Train healthy.



Moe moving so fast



Today's Workout

For Time:
Rest (10-12mins)
For Time
40-Box Jumps
Int:Scaled # of Pullups, Stepups 24/20
Beg:RingRows, 20/Plates

Tuesday 10.21.14

Reminder that the Craic Halloween party is Saturday at Waterfords in Dedham. There is a 20$ suggested donation to cover food and Dj. There is an envelope at both locations to collect funds. All are Welcome!!


Words from Sara:

Three things you can start doing now to be more awesome:
1. Wake up in the morning without hitting the snooze button. In a perfect world we’d wake up without any alarm, but that’s not realistic for all of us. Just get up when you say you’re going to get up. The snooze button is a sneaky trick created by clock manufacturers intended to mess with your soul. Forget about it.
2.  Plan your day and write it down. I love making to-do lists (usually the first item is “make to-do list”). But I don’t mean compiling a list of a bunch of boring chores you “have” to get done. I mean list up to five things you can do today that will actually help move you toward a goal that you would love to achieve. Be reasonable and commit yourself to getting it all done. It’ll help with your productivity and increase your self-confidence.
3. Be kind to someone who’s being mean. This is challenging because you may come off as disingenuous or sarcastic. And sometimes you actually will be and that’s fine, too. It happens. But learning to give your love to someone who is challenging you is a powerful skill. It helps you consider other perspectives and reminds you not to take things too personally. And even if it is personal, well…still don’t take it too personally. You control your thoughts and feelings, not anybody else.  “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” –Eleanor Roosevelt #truth
Karyn “Killin’ it” Manning



Today's Workout

A)Front Squats
B)Push Press
Score = A/B

Monday 10.20.14


This coming Saturday is our annual fundraising event – Barbells for Boobs. As you all know October is breast cancer awareness month. CrossFit’s all over the world participate in this event throughout the month to help raise money and awareness for mammograms in action. Click the link for more info. This will be our 4th year hosting it. Over the past 4 years we have had breast cancer effect several of our clients. Christina Blair is currently battling it herself so it’s very close to home.

The workout is going to be:
For time:
30 Clean + Jerks 135/95
As always we have scaling options available.
This year we will dividing everyone into 4 groups.
Please follow the link here and add your name to the spread sheet for what group you would like to be in.
We will make heats based on the number of people participating and will announce the heats in Thursday’s post. Heat 1 will be at 9am and we will be done by 11am at the latest.
Group 1
Men – anything up to 65lbs
Women – anything up to 45lbs
Group 2
Men – 65lbs-95lbs
Women – 45lbs-75lbs
Group 3
Men – 95lbs-130lbs
Women – 75-90lbs
Group 4
Men and Women RX
This event will be running in place of the morning classes.
We will have a jar for donations. We would love if everyone donated something but it’s not required.



Today's Workout

Part. 1
15-Lat Hop
Part. 2
Score = Total Rounds not including the run
Beg:95/65, No Pushup Burpees