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Who is CrossFit For?

Thursday 1.29.15

Nutrition Talk is tonight 6:30pm at Wood


When I started out doing CrossFit i was so pumped up I rushed through everything. I didn’t take the time to let everything sink in. Running before you learn how to walk can lead to injury. I came up with a few tips for newer members and some others that have been around for a while.

1. Don’t rush the weight. When you’re starting out all you want to do is add weight. This should only be done if you are efficient at the movement. When adding weight before you are efficient at any of the movements can cause you to end up skipping crucial steps. Believe me it is much harder unteaching yourself a movement than it is learning correctly the first time.

2. Rest is important. This a big tip I didn’t follow when i started off. Rest is equally as important as working out. I know most of you just want to get in there everyday but you could be hurting yourself more than you know. The muscle grows while at rest so if you don’t give it time to recover you won’t reap benefits.

3. Proper warm-up/Mobility & Cool down. Some people can come into the gym and they’re good to go, others do not. The coaches always run some sort of warm up before classes but that does not mean you can’t do anything extra for your selves. Some people are tighter than others. Don’t be afraid to come in and do any extra stretching that you think you’ll need.

These tips will help you get stronger and better at the gym. Listen to your coaches and your body.







Today's Workout

A)Snatch Skill Work
5 Rounds
B1)3-Snatch Attempts
B2)50-Double Unders
-Rest as needed-

Wednesday 1.28.15

Early morning classes are canceled. Both locations will open at 9am and normal schedule the rest of the day.


Weight Lifting Belts

Someone the other day asked me what was the benefit of a weight belt, I didn’t have a definitive answer so I told them i’d look into it and get back to them. I found some useful pro’s and con’s to them so I thought i’d share with all of you.

People usually use weightlifting belts when they are lifting heavy weights. The belt is used to support the abdominal muscles and lower back flexors to create a stronger core. This puts your spine in a safer place. With a stronger core and safer spine you are able to lift more weight. The dark side to the belt is that using one can cause you to have a weaker core and a weaker lower back. If you are a more experienced lifter this might not be a bad thing but for a beginner it might not be the best option for you. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran lifter the choice is really up to you. If you feel safer using one then go for it, if you don’t then don’t.





Today's Workout

For Time:
20-Front Squats 115/75
10-Handstand Pushups

Tuesday 1.27.15

Updated at Noon Tuesday 27th:  We are closed for the rest of the day. Check back tonight for an update on tomorrow


This is a great example of when you get hurt you don’t give up working out. Aaron broke his foot a couple months ago and instead of letting it keep him from working out he continued to do what he could with his broken foot. Here he is benching 325#



Today's Workout

1:00-ME Wallballs
2:00-ME t2b
3:00-ME Double
4:00-ME Rest

Monday 1.26.15

Our Nutrition Talk is rescheduled to Thursday 6:30pm.
Tonight the 4:30pm and 6pm will run as normal at Wood but we will be closing at 7pm.
All evening classes are scheduled as normal for the D.
Please spread the word if you know anyone that doesn’t check FB or the Blog.
Huge storm coming Tuesday night. Please check the blog before you leave to come to the gym. We we are closed there will be a notice posted. 
Words from Sara:
“Wherever you go, there you are.”
John once told me a great line that his father told him many years ago back in Ireland. They were sitting at the kitchen table as young Johnny boy worried about some little tiff between school friends. At one point his father looked at John, tapped a finger against the side of his head, and said, “Remember, you live up here.”
What he meant, of course, is that we create our own realities. Our experience of life is purely of our own making. And while we can’t control everything that happens, we can control the way we perceive anything.
This means that running from problems, avoiding the things you don’t like, or making some superficial change to your environment and expecting that suddenly everything’s going to be better is nothing but self-directed smoke and mirrors. Dis sum bullshit, you may even say. Why? Because you live inside your head. Wherever you go, there you are. If you don’t address the underlying perceptions you have about a so-called issue in your life, then that issue is going to follow you around until you figure it out. This is why you’ve heard people say that all their ex-partners are exactly the same, or why people say that they always keep making the same “mistakes.”
It’s in your power to change something you don’t like about a given circumstance, whether on a personal or global scale. But know that whatever the circumstance, there’s something you can learn from it. Whatever issue you see in your life at the moment,it is you and you alone who’s creating the issue. It simply comes down to a choice of perception.
muncie mu



Today's Workout

Every 3mins:
8-Lateral Hop Burpees
4-Power Cleans
*Increasing weight on Cleans

Saturday 1.24.15 & Sunday 1.25.15




Today's Workout

10-Hang Cleans
10-Lateral Hop Burpees
-Rest 7min-
10-Wallballs 20/15