The Craic Methodology: Improving the quality of our clients lives through the implementation of Lifestyle, Nutritional, and Fitness practices.

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"John has been an incredible inspiration and trainer over the past 8 months and through our individual training sessions along with attending CrossFit classes my strength and fitness growth is off the charts!! I never imagined the strength that was possible in my own body. We often believe that we have certain limits in our ability to achieve greatness in fitness and health."
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What is Craic?

Craic is an Irish word that means “fun.” At Craic, we are focused on improving the quality or our clients' lives through lifestyle, nutrition and fitness practices. Our CrossFit program combines strength training, cardio, mobility and skill work which are all designed to meet your personal goals and give you the best results possible. We work with people at varying stages of life regardless of exercise history, ability level, or age. Every workout we do is 100% scalable and will be modified based on how long you have been training, your current ability level and what your goals are.
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Saturday 7.19.14 & Sunday 7.20.14


No KB class this Sunday. Open gym at CraicWood from 6:30a-11a. Ninja Worrier Training at 9:30a.





Today's Workout

Jog-2 Loops
(75% Effort)
Int:135/95, 15 Pushups
Beg:95/75, Band/Bench Pushups

Friday 7.18.14



On August 2nd will be hosting this work out for a fellow CrossFitter. For more info or to donate go to



Today's Workout

OH Squat Practice
A1)Squat Therapy (10-15)Reps
A2)Back Squat

Thursday 7.17.14

Cyndi getting her first muscle up!! Cyndi has been working really hard to achieve this goal of hers and all the hard work has paid off. What are you shooting for?


A few words from RX Rehab located at CraicWood:

Hey everyone!

We’ve had a lot of interest coming to us for one on one mobility and injury prevention. We all know the importance of mobility in this game, and it’s extremely difficulty to stretch the proper structures independently. Starting, well, now we’re going to offer one on one mobility and injury prevention sessions. It will be primarily hands on including movement analysis, stretching, joint mobilization, manipulation, and/or deep tissue work.

Your options for one on one mobility are this:
30 minutes – $50
60 minutes – $85

If you’re not into that whole hands on thing, but need some recovery you should try out the normatec recovery system. Follow them on instagram at @ntrecovery and you’ll see a whole bunch of athletes using them… including all the big name crossfitters that were in town last week at Reebok. You’re all “well if they’re doing it… “

But really, the normatec recovery system is a compression system used on the legs or hips that will improve circulation, reduce blood lactate levels, and relieve muscle swelling and soreness. It can be used before or after workouts, but we recommend after to decrease the soreness we all feel after doing 600 wall balls, squats, and double unders. Am I wrong?

Your options for Normatec are this:
30 minutes – $20
10 sessions – $100
Unlimited use (like forever and ever) – $250

Appointments can be booked starting now.
Call/text: 978-618-3382



Today's Workout

Rx: 1000m
Rest 4mins
Int: 750m
Rest 3mins
Beg: 500m
Rest 2mins

Wednesday 7.16.14

Here are some great tips for your nutrition. Some of these tips might be typical to your lifestyle or might be a nice refresher. For others these tips might be new information that can serve as a tool to base your nutrition off of.

/ Eat frequent, small meals

For the best results in terms of high energy level, diminished body fat, muscle growth, and good gastrointestinal health, you should be eating five to six meals per day with calories that range from 300-1,000 depending upon your size and goals. No time to eat right five times a day? How long does it take to “prepare” a meal replacement shake like 5+1 or Solid Gains?

You should carry a supply of these scientific wonders, which have the exact nutrient profiles that you need with you at all times. Keep a stash in you car, office, or gym bag. The longer you make your body wait between meals, the less efficient it becomes at burning fat and or gaining lean tissue. Long periods without eating will greatly increase your chance of overeating when you finally allow yourself to have a meal.

/ Be sure to consume adequate protein

Proteins are the main building blocks of the body and like carbohydrates, each gram of protein contains 4 calories. Active individuals typically require approximately one gram of protein per pound of ideal weight per day in order to maintain their lean tissue mass. Bodybuilders, strength athletes, and endurance athletes are in a perpetual cycle of muscle degradation and reconstruction and have even larger protein demands.

Foods such as milk, cheese, eggs, poultry, red meat, and fish are rich sources of protein. If you find it difficult to eat adequate dietary protein, and most active people do, I recommend supplementing with a quality low-carb/low-fat protein powder such as HDT’s Problend-55.

/ Understand the different types of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates contain four calories per gram and are the main energy source for the body. When three or more 6-carbon sugar molecules are joined, the resulting molecule is known as a complex carbohydrate. One or two 6-carbon sugar molecules linked together comprises a simple sugar. Complex carbs are further sub classified into fibrous and starchy carbohydrates.

When consumed, simple sugars like sucrose and dextrose, as well as refined complex carbohydrates like white flour, provide a burst of energy which often gives way to feelings of lethargy. Typically, unrefined complex carbohydrates are assimilated by the system more slowly than simple sugars and will provide constant and sustained (though less intense) energy levels.

/ Limit sugars in favor of low glycemic index carbohydrates

The lower the glycemic index of a given carbohydrate, the more gradually it will be digested into its component parts and absorbed from the GI tract into the bloodstream. Less insulin is released from the pancreas over a given time in response to foods with low glycemic indices. Hence, the body has more time to utilize the molecules for fuel rather than storing them as fat.

Whole grains, legumes, pasta, and yams are among the best sources of complex carbohydrates. Processed foods such as white rice and bread, and even non processed foods like potatoes have higher glycemic indices and are assimilated at rates similar to simple sugars and are more readily stored as fat.

One major exception to this rule is fructose, the simple sugar found in fruit, which has a very low glycemic index. One thing to focus on when speaking of carbohydrates is that you need roughly a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein in your post workout meal. The post training meal should have a high quality carbohydrate, protein, BCAA’s, and Glutamine..

/ Be sure to consume adequate fiber

Because fiber cannot be digested by the human GI tract, it does not contribute calories and is passed as waste. It is, none-the-less, vital to good health. Inadequate dietary fiber leads to a sluggish GI tract, water retention, bloating, constipation, and an increased risk of developing colon cancer. In addition to being rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, fruits and leafy vegetables are excellent fiber sources and most references advice consuming at lease five servings per day.

For optimal fat burning, limit starchy carb consumption later in the day, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables instead. If you are like most people then eating enough fiber may be difficult so grab some Fiber Psyll. Only one serving will give you 12 grams of fiber, or roughly half the days needs. The best part is that Fiber Psyll tastes good!

/ Eat the right fats

Fats are important energy sources when stored glycogen is limited. Fats contain 9 calories per gram, more than twice the amount found in carbohydrates and proteins. Saturated fats, derived from animal sources, have been shown to contribute more heavily to the development of cardiovascular disease than unsaturated fats derived from plant sources. For health reasons, fats should be limited to less than 30% of your caloric intake.

The key with fats is that you need to get the right fats. Solid Gains was developed with the hard training athlete in mind when it was formulated with 3 grams of Omega-3 containing Flax Oil. When selecting fat look for anything high in Omega3 fatty acids like salmon, and or use an essential fat supplement like flax oil or fish oil.

/ Drink a lot of water

Most sources recommend that the active individual consume a minimum of one gallon of water per day. Water aids the liver and kidneys in the detoxification of poisons and the elimination of wastes from the body. Without sufficient water, we become dehydrated and our organs (including muscle, liver and kidney) do not function optimally. Optimal kidney function leaves the liver free to perform maximum lypolysis, or fat burning.

In addition, Water is both an appetite suppressant and an excellent diuretic. Not only will high fluid intake increase urination, it will also decrease overall water retention and bloat. Although you may have to work up to a gallon a day gradually over a week or so while your bladder adjusts, you will reap the benefits of your efforts almost immediately.

In fact, drinking water below your body temperature can actually help you to lose weight. Did you know that consuming one gallon of water chilled to 32 degrees will cause your body to burn 300 calories just to heat it up so your body can use it? What an easy way to burn fat!

/ Aim to prevent, not quench, your thirst

Proper hydration leads to enhanced thermoregulation and increased oxygen exchange in the lungs. Simply stated, the well hydrated individual will have greater endurance and a more comfortable workout. Since we do not feel thirsty until we are already in a dehydrated state, it is best to drink water with sufficient frequency to prevent thirst.

/ Keep alcohol to a minimum

Alcohol is not exactly classified as a nutrient, but it is widely consumed and warrants mention. Alcohol is the enemy of the dieter and the athlete. It contains 7 calories per gram, nearly as much as fat, and is completely without nutritional value. Not only does alcohol contribute empty calories, it slows the body’s metabolic rate so that less calories are burned over time.

In addition, alcohol consumption leads to a transient hypoglycemic state and subsequent food cravings. Finally, alcohol is hepatotoxic and even moderate drinking leads to fatty deposits on the liver. While the liver works hard to detoxify the system of alcohol, it is less efficient at lipolysis, or fat burning.

10 / Be aware of the nutritional content of your food

Use books or other guides to keep track of the calories, protein, and fat. You should measure your food (with a measuring cup or scale) until you have a good idea of exactly what a “portion” actually represents. Most people grossly overestimate portion size and hence grossly underestimate their caloric intake.



Row Joe Row



Today's Workout

30-Double Unders
15-Ground 2 Overhead (Snatch or Clean & Jerk)
Int:15DUs, 65/45
Beg:10 Attempts or 90 Singles, 65/45

Tuesday 7.15.14

Beth is one of our long standing members at CRAIC. Recently she claimed one of the No Bread Challenge titles and I wanted to share some of her tips with you so I asked her a few questions. 
How long have you been training at CRAIC? 
August 9th will be three years for me at Craic
How many challenges have you participated in before the most recent one? 
2 others officially
What did you do this time around that gave you such good results? 
I cut out all cheese, all paleo treats, which in the past I had allowed myself during the No Bread challenge- this time no treats, paleo or otherwise. I limited the alcohol.   I planned ahead for the weekend if I knew I was going out. I grilled ALOT of chicken. At all hours – just so I knew if I got hungry I’d have it ready. Little to no fruit- I love apples so I would have half of one a day- a whole one if I was really craving it.
Why did you have a different mindset this time around? 
There’s only so many times I can hear myself say “maybe next time I’ll do better”. My daughter did call me on that one. I was sick of myself half-assing it. Every time there was a hint of temptation I just said NOPE to myself and sometimes out loud #weirdo
Do you think that the experience you gained form the previous challenges was beneficial? 
Absolutely. It was hard for me to go cold turkey first and second time around. I’m usually eating healthy year round now but holidays, summer and even just a Saturday out with friends can/has been a time to have a little of this and that. Then I feel like crap and that can become the routine again. Treats are fine, but I don’t want them to be the standard for me anymore. I just feel better when a treat is actually a treat once in awhile.  Knowing my own patterns and what makes me feel good after the previous two challenges, I was armed and ready for what was ahead for fifty days.
What advice would you give to those that are currently struggling with trying to get their eating on track? 
Know your goals. You have to make up your mind that you are committed to those goals. I honestly think if you do that the rest of it is busy work- do the shopping and have the good food you should have ready. Usually we know ahead of time if we are going somewhere – so find out about healthy options. If there aren’t any, eat well before you go or bring your own. Plan your treats and really make them treats, not the standard. Having a friend or two to lean on is helpful to me. I texted the same three people during the challenge to check in, moan, and even brag that I didn’t eat something. It’s motivating to talk to other people who you trust. If there’s an occasion where you eat something you really didn’t want or planned to,  don’t kill yourself over it. Remember that you don’t like the out of control feeling of it but move on.



Today's Workout

15-Goblet Squats
Rest 5mins
x2 (Same Score)