The Craic Methodology: Improving the quality of our clients lives through the implementation of Lifestyle, Nutritional, and Fitness practices.

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"John has been an incredible inspiration and trainer over the past 8 months and through our individual training sessions along with attending CrossFit classes my strength and fitness growth is off the charts!! I never imagined the strength that was possible in my own body. We often believe that we have certain limits in our ability to achieve greatness in fitness and health."
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What is Craic?

Craic is an Irish word that means “fun.” At Craic, we are focused on improving the quality or our clients' lives through lifestyle, nutrition and fitness practices. Our CrossFit program combines strength training, cardio, mobility and skill work which are all designed to meet your personal goals and give you the best results possible. We work with people at varying stages of life regardless of exercise history, ability level, or age. Every workout we do is 100% scalable and will be modified based on how long you have been training, your current ability level and what your goals are.
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Friday 9.5.14






Today's Workout

Pullup Clusters
4x3.3.3 Strict C2B
Int:5x4.4.4 Kipping
Beg:5x3.3.3 PA or 5x7.7.7 RR

Thursday 9.4.14

The events page has been updated with some cool things that we will be doing in house and out. Check it out!!


Words from Julie:

After much apprehension about signing up for my first crossfit comp, I decided to take the plunge. It was to help support the fight against MS, and no matter what my fears were about competing, those fears do not match what people who suffer from the disease go through every day. If I could help just a little then that is what I needed to do. I was paired up with Eric Girard. He was very supportive, and consoled me through my “I don’t want to let my partner down” thoughts. Once I got over that I approached every WOD individually. Focused on what I had to do, and gave it my best. Having your first competition be basically an in-house event is perfect. I was supported by my friends, made new friends, and spent the day with my husband, who also competed. The best thing I got out of that day though is the desire to be better. I want to achieve what so many have at the gym, and this was kind of my wake up call. My weaknesses will one day be my strengths. That is what I took away from this event…..and a lot of laughs. I hope we make this a yearly gathering.


JULERIC  receiving the “Hustle” award at the Craic’n Down on MS competition held on 8/23. Great job guys



Today's Workout

-Rest 7mins-
30-Air Squats

Wednesday 9.3.14

Reminder guys that Pete is running a foundations class at 7:30pm at CraicWood. It’s open to all levels and the daily workout will still be done.


All Natural

I see the term “All Natural” on lots of food in the grocery store. This just implies a product has no manufactured ingredients and no processed foods but there is no legal standard. For meats all natural would mean the animals had access to it’s normal habitat in nature. So in the future if you want to know how your food was raised and how it was fed look on the label for these descriptions: grass-finished or grass-fed, pastured, certified organic, hormone and antibiotic free and or wild caught. if you don’t see it assume it’s not “All Natural”. Remember you eat what your food eats.






Today's Workout

15-KB Swings
35-Double Unders
1000m Row for time

Tuesday 9.2.14

To all new members: We have a members only Facebook group we want you all in. Click here to request to join. 


The Power of Repetition 

Seeing people fail and succeed on a daily basis has given me a lot of insight into the behaviors and traits of what seems to work time and time again and what doesn’t. What I have observed is that weather it is good or bad, if you repeat something often enough (repetition) you will hold onto it.
Muscle memory, habits, and beliefs are all formed from repetition.
If you practice a movement over and over again incorrectly you can actually get good at doing it bad. The same can be applied to everything in your life.
In relation to exercise we have some level of control over your progression and making sure that you are all doing things correctly and efficiently but no one is with you for the 23 hours of the day outside the gym. Who keeps you accountable? Who ensures you are progressing? When left to your own devices it’s easy to get lazy and let the world dictate your experience vs controlling your own.
I believe that its extremely important to train yourself to do what you say by simply starting where you are at. For example if you want to start eating clean then all you really have control over is what you are going to eat for your next meal. If you set yourself up with a weekly or monthly goal right off the bat you may be setting yourself up to fail. If you do this often enough you will get used to failing, the behavior becomes reinforced and over time you will expect to fail at everything which leads to not even trying.
I used to frequently say ‘I’m going to do x from now on’ which would quickly fade and turn into a running joke with those close to me. Now that I am fully aware of it I make an effort to always start small. Things like the following:
-Tomorrow I’m going to read for 30mins
-Tonight I’m going to leave my phone at home when I walk my dog
-Today I’m only going to check my email twice- once at 6am and once at 4pm
Once you show yourself that your goal is achievable you gain confidence and can progress it gradually which is key. As you gain confidence you can start to give yourself bigger goals with bigger timelines but don’t rush the process.
Are you training yourself to become lazy and let the world dictate your experience or are you training yourself to become strong and create your own experience?
The Green Monsters



Today's Workout

Split Jerks
(Heavy Triple)
3 Rounds
21 Thrusters #45
12 Pullups
Run 400m
Int:15 Thrusters, 6 Pullups
Beg:KB Squats, Ring Rows

Monday 9.1.14

Happy Labor Day! 

No classes today. Craic Dedham is closed and there will be Open Gym at Craic Wood from 8am-11am 

Painting should still be going on Monday 9.1 please use causation when parking.


Kristin and Jarrod at CrossFit Free’s Weightlifting comp this past weekend.





Today's Workout

(Build to a heavy Double)
A)3-Deadlifts 275/185
B)10-Box Jumps 24/20
Int:5@225/155, Stepups
Beg:5@95/65, Stepups