Dave, TNB, CW and John at Tough Mudder in VT

Reminder that our 6 month anniversary celebration is being held this Saturday 14th. More details coming in tomorrows post.

Important Update: CrossFit Kids at CFC Coming Soon!!

Saturday May 21 marks the beginning of a great new program starting at Craic! I’m very excited about being able to start a new community of young CrossFitters at our gym. In order to best accommodate the classes, there have been some changes to the weekend schedule. This new weekend schedule will be implemented on May 21; the changes are as follows:

8am- CrossFit
9am- CrossFit
1030am- CrossFit Kids
1130am- CrossFit Kids
12pm-130pm- Open Gym

9am- CrossFit
1030am- CrossFit Kids
1130am- CrossFit Kids
12-1pm- Advanced Class

I know this means for some of you that you will have to wake up a little earlier, so I thank you in advance for being flexible.

To the parents who will be getting their kids involved: I will be leaving an Emergency Contact/Photo Release form in a folder at the gym shortly; John, Bill and Glen will know where it is so please ask them for a form at some point in the next two weeks. If possible, I’d like these to be filled out prior to your child’s first class so that there’s less of a scramble on the day of. If, however, you are not able to come in and get the paperwork sorted beforehand, then please be prepared to come a little earlier on your first day so that you’ll have time to fill it out.

Please remember that as per Craic policy: we are not able to accommodate your children in our facility while you are taking class! This is for the safety of the child and the quality of your own workout. ┬áThis means, for example, if you are planning on enrolling your child in the 10:30am Sunday class, you will need to have arrangements made ahead of time so that someone can bring your child to the gym prior to the Kids class; unfortunately, they will not be able to come with you to the 9am should you choose to work out at that time. ┬áThat being said, I expect that once the expansion of our space is complete we will be able to stop being such hard-asses about this. ┬áRegardless, I’ll keep you all posted.


Deadlift 5 x 5


Tabata Swings 55/35


Post weights + scores to comments

  • CW

    This is the last hill…

  • david c.

    Somebody posted on the Tough Mudder Facebook page that according to his Garmin GPS watch there was a total of 13,747 feet of elevation change and almost 7,000 feet of climbing.

  • Sara

    You guys are animals! Tough, muddy animals!! What an accomplishment :-)

  • Susie D

    you look cold! (and cool :-) )

  • Johnny D

    315lbs 5×5 and 8 reps at 70lb for lbs. I took Jack’s dare

  • Jess

    5×5 at 145#
    10 at 35# tabata KBs
    You guys are tough mudder effers!

  • Amanda

    5×5 @ 185#
    10 swings @ 35# for tabata KBs

  • CW

    I felt more like a tough mudder Heiffer