Wednesday 1.8.14

On New Years the programed workout was 365 burpees.

Vicky was the only one that came in to the gym to do it.

Here are the last 5. It was a very impressive thing to watch. Nice work Vicky!!

Today's Workout

7min AMRAP
3 C+J@135/95
3 T2B
6 C+J@135/95
6 T2B



  • Judy M

    Vicki!!!! Way to start the new year! Awesome!

  • Ray

    I was there for this. So impressive. She did it quietly to the side and was at about 225 before anyone noticed. True dedication! Nice work!

  • Rebecca

    Nice job Vicki!!

  • Kerstin

    Love it! Nice job Vicki!

  • Denise

    I can’t but can believe you did that. You’re definitely hard core!!!

  • BethMc

    Wow Vicki!! Awesome job!

  • Sara McEvoy

    Nice Vicki!

  • JackDaly

    Nice job Vicki!

  • Jaclyn

    Awesome job Vicky!!

    67 @ 95# w/knee ups

    Great working with you Susie!!

  • Susie Diesel

    Great job Vicki!!

    Got 70 reps RX today. Fun working w you Jaclyn – nice job!!

  • CraicStina

    Yea, Vicki! So awesome!

  • Neil

    Vicky that was amazing! Great job!
    I enjoyed working with Tim today. Great job! I PRd today by 6 reps. Feeling real good about that.

  • Nicole B

    Way to go Vicky. Awesome Job!

    66 @ 95# with knees to chest.
    Nice working with you Kayla!